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Juan Barragan Tennis Training (JBTT)


JBTT was created five years ago when Juan Barragan decided to use his passion and carry out his dream of starting his own high-performance tennis program. With only seven players in the beginning, the program has now grown to 44 players and counting.

The program is targeted towards junior players from ages 7-18 and uses a unique know-how of technical, tactical, and biomechanical aspects of the sport to develop players. JBTT also provides a variety of tools and resources that are incorporated into our training such as footwork equipment, instruments that help with technique, and video analysis. Every lesson is tailored to the specific goals of each player.

Currently, JBTT operates with two full-time coaches as well as seasonal coaches, all alongside Coach Juan. The program uses two courts at the Wayside Athletic Club in Marlborough, MA from Monday to Sunday and consists of private lessons, semi-privates, and group training sessions.

High-Performance Tennis Program

JBTT has developed a unique training method that is based on five specific pillars. These pillars supporting our program are Mental Toughness, Physical Fitness, Technique, Consistency and directionals, and Strategy.

JBTT Training Program Pillars

At JBTT, our philosophy of coaching is built on 5 core pillars


1. Mental Toughness

• Developing positive habits that allow the player to overcome obstacles in a match and deal with bad losses

• It’s more important than just picking up a racket!

2. Physical Fitness

• Building strength and proper footwork to enhance endurance and agility on the court

• Includes nutrition and active recovery

3. Technique

• Breaking down the technical form of each shot

• Creating muscle memory and eliminating bad habits

4. Consistency and Directionals

• Learning the different zones, patterns of play, and positions on the court

• High percentage shots

5. Strategy

• Providing the proper tools and knowledge for the player to be able to analyze their own match and formulate a plan of action


To learn more about JBTT at Wayside Athletic Club please visit our website by clicking here or email us directly.

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