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Inclement Weather Closing & Cancellation Policies

Inclement Weather Closing & Cancellation Policies

Winter Inclement Weather Policy


  • Wayside Athletic Club will make every effort to retain normal operating hours and schedules in the event of inclement weather.
  • The club will not close based on local school closures.
  • Those that have preregistered for land or water exercise classes will be emailed if the class is canceled
  • Members are encouraged to cancel their court reservations, and lessons per the cancellation policies to avoid being charged the fee if you feel you will not be able to travel safely. 
  • We encourage members to check their email on file, our website, our social media sites, and/or call the facility for the latest information.
  • If conditions cause the facility to close while operating:
    • Existing court reservations will be notified via email and not be charged for that day’s court reservation.
    • Canceled pre-paid programs will be extended or given a credit towards the next session to each player’s account for that day.
  • If there is a state of emergency, the club will be closed.

Thunder/Lightning Policy


  • If thunder and/or lightning is within 20 miles of the club, the outdoor pools will be closed for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder, as determined by the Aquatics Director.
  • The all-clear whistle will blow when you return
  • Delayed opening or closure will be posted on our homepage and social media pages
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