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Racquetball Court Bookings


To ensure bookings and cancellations are done correctly and in a timely manner to avoid cancellation fees, members must book on their own through the app or portal not through the front desk.  Below is how to get started.

  1. Credit Card on File: All participants (members & non-members) must have an active credit card on file in order to register or participate in any paid programming.
  2. Download and launch the “Wayside Athletic Club” App for iOS or Android Phones and login using the credentials you set up
  3. Using a PC? Go to the member portal and Login.
  4. Tap “Reservations” As Service, select racquetball & tap done
  5. Select Date and Duration (you can book 7 days in advance)
  6. Add a Participant.
  7. Tap Search
  8. For specific courts choose advanced settings on the app or select the court from the “Where” drop down menu and check the court you only want to play on and hit apply.
  9. Tap Make Reservation
  10. All participants will receive a confirmation email for your reservation

Court Fees

Racquetball court fees are $15 per day/play/per person. If you are playing more then three times per month please consider adding unlimited racquetball” to your existing membership. The fee is $42 per month.  When you add “unlimited racquetball” to your membership your $15 court fee is not charged.  Adding “unlimited racquetball” is more cost efficient if you play a lot of racquetball.

You can add and delete this feature with 30 days notice. Speak to someone in membership today.

Get In Touch

For more information on becoming a member of Wayside Athletic Club and playing racquetball here please contact Member Services.

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