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Wayside Waves Spring Clinics



SPRING CLINIC #2   May 6 – June 6, 2024

5 weeks (2 practices/week)

No Practice Memorial Day, May 27


Wayside Waves Spring Clinics are an opportunity for the swimmer, with no stress of swim meets, to slow down and focus again on gaining skills and knowledge to find greater success in the sport of competitive swimming. During these sessions (Spring #1 3/25 – 5/2/24 and Spring #2 5/6 – 6/6/24), we will work on techniques for all competitive strokes, starts, and turns.

These sessions do not replace swim lessons and are not the place to learn the very basics of swimming. This is why every candidate who has never swum on the Wayside Waves must first contact the Director, Susan Morse, and discuss the swimmer’s skill level and background in the sport. A swimming evaluation will then be scheduled BEFORE registration takes place.

Our 10 & Under groups will meet on any 2-night combination of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:00 pm.

In order to benefit all our 11 & older swimmers and make practices focused on the different needs of different skill groups, the 11 and older swimmers will be broken into 2 skill groups. Though the practices will be going on simultaneously, we will make every effort to divide the groups according to skill level, and the Advanced Group will have a final half hour for just their practice group.

The Intermediate Group: This group is for the swimmer who is new to distances of 50 yards or more, who may be completely new to the sport, or who struggles with turns and starts as well as the mechanics of both Breaststroke and Butterfly. This group will meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm.

The Advanced Group: This group will be the swimmers who are more advanced in their skills, may have swum on the team for a number of years already or who come to us from another team. These swimmers have good knowledge of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly. They will be working to perfect the technique of strokes turns and starts. This group will remain for a full 90 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights.

If you have any questions as to the group your 11 & older swimmer should register for, please reach out to the Wayside Waves Swim Director, Sue Morse before registering.


















No Refund Policy for this program. No credit card refunds will occur.  Please choose your programs with care.

No Makeup allowed due to illness, family travel, or other personal reasons  If the Club has to cancel a practice due to thunderstorms, severe weather, or other facility issues, we will make every effort to accommodate the swimmers into one of the other existing practices.  

Ages 8 and Under:
This group is for our youngest swimmers ages 5-8. To participate in this group, swimmers must be able to swim at least one length of our pool (each length of the pool is 25 yards) in both Freestyle (Front Crawl) and Backstroke without the help of floatation. This does not have to be perfect.  For the Freestyle, the arms must come out of the water on rotation and the face must go into the water in some rhythmic fashion. For the Backstroke, the arms must come out of the water on rotation, the legs should be straight and kicking up and down, and the body should be comfortably lying on the top of the water with ears in the water.
Goals:  Have a good understanding of Freestyle and Backstroke and a basic understanding of Butterfly, Breaststroke, and Diving.

Ages 9 & 10:
This group of swimmers (ages 9-10) will be swimming multiple lengths of the pool in both Freestyle (Front Crawl) and Backstroke with rests incorporated in the practice set. We will work on all 4 competitive strokes, diving, relays and building endurance. Swimmers will be put in lanes according to abilities and practices will be planned to challenge each swimmer to strengthen current skills and acquire new skills.
Goals:  Build up their endurance and create a solid understanding of Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, and Breaststroke.

Ages 11-18:
Intermediate Group:  See the description above
Advanced Group:  See the description above

Practice Protocols:   

  • No parents will be allowed into the pool area.
  • Swimmers must arrive at the pool in their bathing suits, NO EARLIER THAN 10 minutes before the start of practice.
  • Swimmers may come into the club via the small patio gate, then in through the sliding glass door, OR through the main entrance of the club.  If using the Club’s main entrance, swimmers younger than 10 must be accompanied by an adult right up to the pool entrance door.  Please do not leave your young child off at the front door of the club or allow your child to walk the parking lot unaccompanied.  Thank you for understanding.
  • Attendance will be taken at the top of the entrance ramp by a coach or a parent volunteer. Please be sure to check in there.
  • Swimmers’ bags (personal belongings) will be collected into bins,  placed on benches around the pool area, or taken into the locker rooms, while their practice equipment (goggles, water bottles, and fins) should be carried with them in a net bag.  ALL BELONGINGS (personal bags and towels or practice equipment and water bottles) should be labeled with the swimmer’s name.  DO NOT BRING MORE THEN YOU WILL NEED FOR PRACTICE.
  • Swimmers may exit the building either through the patio gate or the main entrance.  Again, for swimmers 10 and younger, it is required that an adult pick them up in person either on the ramp inside the pool entrance or on the patio inside the gate, NO 10 & Under swimmer will be allowed to leave the patio area without his parent.  Once a swimmer has left the pool area, he should not reenter.  In other words, if a swimmer goes to the locker room to change after practice, he will leave through the front lobby.
  • Swimmers should be picked up promptly after their practice has ended as there is no one to keep watch over them until being picked up.   For swimmers 10 and under, an adult should come up onto the pool patio to pick up their swimmers so that we are not sending them out into the dark unaware of where their parent has parked.

Required Practice Equipment for ALL Swimmers:


  • Goggles & Caps (for long hair)


  • Competitive Style Swimsuits – one piece for females; jammer style for males.  Please, no 2-piece or beach fashion suits for females and no trunk style for males.  These styles cause drag that does not help in swimming fast.  
  • Short Training Fins – as we are no longer able to supply and share fins due to state regulations, we are requiring all swimmers to bring their own as they are used often in our practices. Please bring only short-style fins with blades no longer than 6”.
  • Water Bottle – filled with plain water (Gatorade or other flavored drinks are not allowed as they may spill into the pool water).
  • Net Equipment Bag




This membership gives member pricing on swim programs only.

12-month commitment

Available for students aged 6 months to -18 years of age.

No other access to the club (i.e. lap swim, classes, etc.)


The junior membership should be in your child’s name not the parent’s name since they are registering for the swim team 



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