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This FedCup Friday was Team Palm Trees (Coach Alesia’s team) vs. Team Cacti (Coach Kevin’s team). All of our players were put on one of the two teams and earned points throughout the day in drills, games, team relay, and match play.

The scores have been very close all day, but in the end the Palms Trees pulled out a win! The Palm Trees also won in our team relay today with some impressive speed.

We have had a blast playing different games this week like: Presidents, Alligator, Tennis Hockey, King of the Court, Azkaban, Bobsled, Goldmine,105 (a favorite singles game), attack and defend doubles, blind man’s tennis, reflex volley, and triangle doubles… just to name a few! Looking forward to next week with some beautiful weather!

What a beautiful weather for tennis camp this week, except for the afternoon storm on Wednesday.

During the storm on Wednesday it was too late in the afternoon to head to Wayside so all of our player development and tournament training kids competed in epic table tennis matches using their opposite hand and a foam tennis ball. We also had team Pictionary where one person drew a picture and their team guessed what the picture was. Try having to draw an unforced error!

On Friday we had our classic David Cup Friday: Team Kevin was the Deceptively Docile Dingos and Team Alesia was the Determined Dominating Durable Dodo Ducks. This week Team Kevin finally took the win! To cool off before lunch on the hot Friday we had a water balloon toss and a water balloon fight.

Looking forward to the last two weeks of tennis camp.

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