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Dear members,

I hope this email finds you and your family healthy and well. With the recent surge in COVID cases in our area, I am urging all of you to take a moment to read this email.  I have spoken with the owners and partners of Wayside Athletic Club, and while the city of Marlborough has not imposed a mandatory mask policy for businesses, we have decided to take a proactive approach to help keep everyone safe and update our mask policy. We need you to do your part to keep the rest of the Wayside Athletic Club community safe and healthy!


Effective Thursday, January 13, 2022, we will require all members, staff, and guests to wear a mask when entering the club regardless of vaccination status. Your mask must be worn upon entering and exiting Wayside Athletic Club. This policy is for all individuals age 2 and older.

Wayside Athletic Club staff will wear masks in all areas of the club excluding while teaching class, tennis lessons, clinics, or when behind the plexiglass barrier at the front desk. If you have a medical exemption, we will require an updated physician’s note to be placed on file.


  • Main entrance
  • Lobby
  • Hallways
  • Locker rooms (excludes in the shower, sauna, and steam rooms)
  • On the pool deck

If you are not vaccinated a mask must be always worn in all areas of the club (except while swimming in the pool).

If you are fully vaccinated and have your vaccination dates on file with the club, your mask will not need to be worn while in an area where social distancing can be maintained. This includes tennis · racquetball · fitness room · exercise studios · performance room · in the pool.

Once you reach your destination you may remove your mask and exercise however once you leave that area your mask must be put back on. For example: If you are playing racquetball your mask on until you reach the court. After playing racquetball or taking a water break off the court, your mask must go back on before you exit the area to the lobby or hallway.


  • The mask/face covering should fit snug fit around the nose and cheeks and avoid gaps
  • The fabric should be thick enough not to see the sun/light through
  • No neck gaiters, No bandanas, No exhalation valves or vents


If you congregate with others please mask up and stay six feet apart from each other.

We do not anticipate any change in services, hours, or programs at this time. These are unique times and we put your safety and the safety of our staff above everything else during this time. Thank you for your continued support of the club and for abiding by our indoor mask policy.


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