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Category: Summer Camp

Here are some highlights and comments of the week! Coach Cole’s group started the week by working on our groundstrokes, placing them cross court and down the line. The campers were able to incorporate these improvements in the games. Coach Cole’s group played speed racer (A camper favorite) where they had to make a certain number of balls in the. Read More

We’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful (and humid) weather and have spent as much time as possible cooling off in the pool! The days are jam-packed with activities like swimming, dodgeball, tennis, dancing, and playing on the playground, Wayside campers never complain about being bored! First, we have guided swim lessons. After, we eat a yummy snack during our. Read More

Happy Week 5 of Tennis Camp! Check out what the coaches had to say for the week. Coach Ashleigh had some amazing orange ballers this week. Coach Ashleigh’s group did a lot of work with overheads and volleys to targets. Coach Ashleigh’s group really surprised her with their ability to not only recognize where they hit their shots but to. Read More

It’s hard to believe week 5 of Camp Wayside is over! We’ve done a variety of activities, and here is a quick recap of our week: The campers have played an array of games like dodgeball, tennis with balloons, private tennis lessons, and pinball. We have enjoyed our free time after guided swim lessons where we announce camper of the. Read More

Week 3 was full of fun and games! Coach Max had a great green ball group this week, and everyone made impressive progress, from experienced students who have been here for years to kids who are picking up a tennis racquet for the first time. Thanks to some hard work on forehand and volley technique, we played some very exciting. Read More

It’s great to see all the friendships being formed at Camp Wayside! It’s been a bit rainy but that’s no problem! We’ve been keeping busy swimming indoors, playing all kinds of sports, pin ball, parachute and so much more. Whenever the weather permits, you can find us outdoors having fun in the sun!  A highlight for the campers was making. Read More

We’re having so much fun at camp, we almost forgot to write! Each morning, campers head straight to the outdoor pool for swim lessons. Campers are grouped by ability so they really get the most out of their lessons, and enjoy themselves to the fullest! Mid-morning we head to the tennis courts! Since some of the campers have never played. Read More

Tennis Camp Week 2- hot and humid edition! Here are some of highlights of the week! Coach Matt’s group played a version of ‘attack and defend’, in which there are two teams, one at the net and one at the baseline.The kids played out a point and if the team at the baseline won, they would come up to the. Read More

The NEW Camp Wayside is off to a fantastic start! Director Eric and the counselors had a great time with our campers! Everyone loved their morning swim lessons in the outdoor pool and tennis on the courts of Wayside with Eric and the other Wayside pros! We played sports, parachute games and had SO MUCH FUN! We spent as much. Read More

Happy 1st week of summer and tennis camp! We had a packed week of skills, games, and matches. Here are some favorite games and activities of the week. Coach Oliver’s group loved playing fruit salad! Each person got a fruit and faced the fence. When each person’s fruit was called they turned around and hit a volley. When fruit salad. Read More

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