Week 1: Under the Sea

Campers learned about different types of reef fish and coral. Everyone had a blast doing a scavenger hunt that involved water safety riddles around the pool deck along with testing our knowledge of the reef fish. Some of projects included making an ocean in a bottle, macaroni fish, and clay sea creatures.


Week 2: America

To celebrate Independence Day, we made clay flags and once they dried, we painted them. We also learned about and made flags to represent various countries!


Week 3: Science

This week we needed to give the garden some love! Check out how much it’s grown! Campers were busy this week making lemon volcanoes with food coloring and baking soda, clay dragon eggs, Chromatography butterflies, a solar oven (we even made s’mores in them), and had fun with kinetic sand. The kids LOVED science week; especially the volcanoes, solar ovens, and kinetic sand.


Week 4: Around the World

Monday we traveled to Central and South America where we learned some Spanish, then made and had fun with rain sticks.

Tuesday we traveled to Asia where we made Chinese drums. We also looked at the different types of lunches that schools serve around the world.

Wednesday we traveled to Africa where we made African drums and handprint giraffes. We learned about the different countries in Africa.

Thursday we traveled to Australia where we made paper plate Koala Bears. We couldn’t believe how much the garden has grown – the tomatoes are getting taller and a few sunflowers sprouting up!

Friday we traveled to Europe, where we talked about the countries along with the monuments that can be found all over Europe. The campers loved reconstructed their favorite monuments.









Keep checking back for more Camp Wayside updates!

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