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It’s hard to believe week 5 of Camp Wayside is over! We’ve done a variety of activities, and here is a quick recap of our week:

The campers have played an array of games like dodgeball, tennis with balloons, private tennis lessons, and pinball. We have enjoyed our free time after guided swim lessons where we announce camper of the day and watch the talented kids perform and get involved in our talent show. At Camp Wayside, we like to do activities that cater to all the campers strong suits. Whether it’s soccer or dodgeball or arts and crafts, every camper has fun doing all activities!


Our camper of the week is Liam!

As we have had such great campers this summer, we started giving our camper of the day awards! This week’s winners are Sophia (Monday), Agustina (Tuesday), Matthew (Wednesday), Ryan (Thursday), and Becca (Friday)!

We had a great week with our campers and look forward to week 6!

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