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The start of 2019 is here, and we are counting down the days until the first orientation on January 11.


Why you ask? Because that is when we’re kicking off our first 28 Day Challenge of 2019 – for people like you who want to look and feel better than ever (and stay that way for good). Of course, Wayside Athletic Club’s 28 Day Challenge has been absolutely life-changing for so many, (73 participants have lost over 769 pounds of fat and over 416 inches to be exact).


But, if you are thinking to yourself, “that’s great but *insert any excuse here*…”


We want to tell you what’s really going on…


Your subconscious and your brain are taking over. Without getting too scientific, all 3 major areas of your brain were designed to prevent change, discomfort, and walking into the unknown. Your 2 million-year-old human brain is doing its job, but you’re not getting what you want because of the stories it’s telling you and your subconscious acceptance of them. So, if you’re believing your excuses now or you have in the past, we get what’s happening! 🙂


Are these common reasons “why not” coming to you?…
  • You haven’t exercised in years…
  • You’ve failed every diet you’ve ever attempted or abused your body for years…
  • You think you’re too old…
  • You believe you don’t have time…
  • If so, how can you turn these reasons “why not” into reasons “why”?
If you haven’t exercised in years, there’s no time like the present and you MUST start somewhere.
  • If you’ve failed every diet, it doesn’t mean it’s not time for success once and for all
  • If you think you’re too old, it’s even more imperative to get your health on track
  • If you think you don’t have time or it’s not the right time to start, it NEVER will be – does that mean you give up on your health forever?
  • You’re going to learn how to take on your excuses head on if you make the decision to say YES to yourself and join our 28 Day Challenge beginning January 11th!
Learn how to eat smarter, not less, to get the results you want. The best part? There is no need to eat special diet foods. Instead you will:
  • Eat real food and shed pounds simultaneously
  • Learn how to grocery shop and read food labels
  • Learn how to order weight loss friendly meals at your favorite restaurants
  • Get all the tips and tricks to achieve your ideal weight and keep it off for good
  • Expect to learn, to be inspired, to be coached, and to be supported at a level you’ve never before experienced!




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