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Category: 28 Day Challenge

15 people completed the May 28-Day Challenge and lost over 144 pounds and 88 inches. The 15 participants averaged a loss of 9.6 pounds per person. “Every time I run this program, participants tell me how much stronger they feel, how much better they sleep, and how much more energy they have. The program isn’t about restrictions, it’s about learning. Read More

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The start of 2019 is here, and we are counting down the days until the first orientation on January 11.   Why you ask? Because that is when we’re kicking off our first 28 Day Challenge of 2019 – for people like you who want to look and feel better than ever (and stay that way for good). Of course, Wayside. Read More

Twenty-eight challengers recently finished the latest 28 day challenge at Wayside.  In total, 289 lbs  and 146 of inches were lost. Our first place winner, Mike G,  lost a whopping 21.4 lbs  and 6 inches! Mike’s wife Patty, participated with him as well and she lost an incredible 19.6 lbs and 9.5 inches. Our third place winner, Diane R, lost. Read More

This challenge may be a proven program that is a fun, gentle, and competitive, but it’s not a walk in the park! It takes determination, motivation, meal prepping and planning. Congratulations to our 28 participants for completing the program and for losing 289 pounds together. Huge congratulations goes to our top 3 winners who lost over 50 pounds and 23%. Read More

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