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It was an exciting evening with Wayside Athletic Club hosting the SwimPro Aquatics Gators! Wayside Waves swimmers looked sooo good and swam so very fast!  The results of your hard work at practice is really beginning to show.

Our head Wayside Waves coach Sue Morse couldn’t be more proud of how the swimmers performed: the final score overall was SwimPro Gators 159; Wayside Waves 146.  Just 13 points shy of a tie and 14 of a victory.  If all our swimmers had been able to be with us, we might have been able to pull off our first team victory of the season.  However, let us look deeper.  Our girls were short-handed and very over-numbered by SwimPro.  The SwimPro girls took the meet 100-56. Our boys were the opposite! Wayside Waves boys sailed past SwimPro 90-59! Congrats Gentlemen!

There’s even more to be proud of! There were 24 individual First Places; 16 individual Second Places; and 12 individual Third Places! Then our relays had 5 First Places, and 1 Second Place!

The next Wayside Waves meet is on Saturday, January 5th with the Hayden Dolphins at the JW Hayden Recreation Centre in Lexington, MA.

Keep swimming!

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