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Each week, a trainer will post a Workout of the Week (WOW) on the board in the Fitness Center. Do it once, twice, or every day to get an awesome workout in without having to plan it yourself!
This week’s WOW is brought to you by Dina!


5 Rounds:
1 minute MedicineBall or Dumbbell Thrusters
1 minute Kettlebell Swings
1 minute Assault Bike or Row for Calories
1 minute Rest

Leave a continuous clock running for the entire 20min workout.  The goal is to get as many quality reps as possible of each exercise.  You can leave ~10sec to transition to the the next exercise, i.e. 50sec continuous work/10sec transition for each exercise.  Keep track of your total number of reps from each round.  Your score is your total number of reps from all 5 rounds combined.  Gook luck and Have fun!
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