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We just finished another 28-Day Challenge and our 24 participants, who completed the program, lost a total of 213.6 pounds – an average of nearly 9 pounds per person.  Our 1st and 2nd place finishers were repeat winners from September!  Mike G, and his wife Patty G, lost a combined 32.4 pounds this past 28 days – adding to the 32 pounds they lost in September these 2 have lost a total over 64 pounds during two 28-Day Challenges.

Patty G lost 31.6 lbs and 15.5 inches over the last 2 challenges

Mike G lost 32.6 lbs and 6.5 inches off his waist over the last 2 challenges

Diane T has lost 28 lbs and 16.5 inches over the last 2 challenges.

Vicki lost 10 lbs and 5 inches during this past January challenge

Barbara has lost 12.2 lbs and 10 inches over 2 challenges


After 3 challenges and 97 participants, Wayside clients have lost 982 pounds and 514.5 inches! Ready to join for the next challenge in May?

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