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We are excited to announce that we qualify (finally) to reopen during Phase 3 on July 6, 2020!  This is Wayside’s phase 1 plan but we still await final rules and regulations from the State and Marlborough BOH and approval.

As we are all aware, our day to day experiences is quite different today than before March 17 when Massachusetts essentially shut down businesses. There are lines waiting to enter supermarkets and retail stores, limits on the number of certain foods you can purchase at one time, and let us not forget the mad rush for paper products. The health of our staff and members is very important to us, and at first, in the interest of safety things will be different, but your experience will still be friendly, safe, and a feeling of community. Please read below on what to expect at Wayside once we reopen.

Wayside Athletic Club will be following the state and federal guidelines as well as other safety protocols.   Wayside Athletic Club will conduct employee training to inform each staff member of the CDC guidelines, including social distancing, as well as the proper cleaning protocol that is expected of staff and of our members, along with each new operating protocol.

PLEASE NOTE: The guidelines and requirements from the state can change and adjust rapidly! We will update you with any changes to our new procedures as soon as they are made aware to us and as soon as we have complied. We will communicate changes to you by website updates, staff verbal announcements, club signage, email, and our social media pages.

To facilitate a safe and healthy working environment for our staff and our members, we have established the following criteria and have broken it to different areas of the club for easier reading:



We are committed to providing our staff and members with a clean and safe environment. In doing so, we need your help. Below are new guidelines for the Wayside Athletic Club Code of Conduct that everyone will be required to follow when visiting. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us build a stronger community by following the Member Code of Conduct when you visit the club.

  • Health & Safety – I confirm I do not have any symptoms related to and have not been knowingly exposed to COVID-19.  I confirm that I have not had contact with a person who has or is suspected of having COVID-19. If the above status changes, I agree not to visit the club
  • Face Covering – I agree to wear a mask when entering the club, in common spaces, and any place where appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained. I agree to comply with all local regulations related to wearing a mask while exercising indoors
  • Physical Distancing – I will use best efforts to keep 6 feet between myself, other members, and staff while in the club and follow staff recommendations for maintaining safe distances. I agree to follow the posted requirements regarding club flow, restricted areas, and room capacities
  • Cleanliness – I agree to disinfect all equipment before and after use. I agree to sanitize my hands upon entering the club and keep my hands washed/sanitized while at the club


All staff and members are expected to perform a health self-check prior to arriving at the club including:

  • Take your temperature. Your temperature must be below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
    Check for flu-like symptoms, including sore throat, fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, muscle or body aches and congestion or runny nose, new loss of taste or smell
  • If you exhibit any of these symptoms, please do not come to the club. Contact your healthcare provider.  Employees should promptly contact their supervisor.
  • We have installed multiple cleaning and sanitation stations throughout the building, tennis courts, and pool areas including hand sanitizer, trash cans, equipment wipes, and instructional signage…Please use them


New hours of operation have been established to allow us to properly sanitize the club:

  • Club Weekdays
    5:30 am – 8:00 pm
  • Club Weekends
    7 am – 4 pm
  • Indoor Pool Weekdays
    5:30 am – 7:00 pm
  • Indoor Pool Weekends
    7 am – 3:30 pm
  • Outdoor Pool Weekdays
    12 pm – 5 pm
  • Outdoor Pool Weekends
    12 pm – 5 pm (last check-in for the outdoor pool at 4:00 pm)


  • All participants will be required to check-in with Member Services upon arrival one person/family at a time.
  • Members must wait to be checked in
  • Sneeze guards are placed at the front desk and membership office counters as an extra precaution for our members and team.
  • Member Services will be a touch-free zone. Please have your membership card ready to self-scan
  • New membership cards will be readily available should you have misplaced yours. If we do not have your member photo on file, we will take one immediately upon your check-in.
  • We will not be accepting cash at this time
  • Please have a permanent payment method on your account. Your account will be billed for services taken at the end of the month. As a reminder, there is a $15 minimum to charge.
  • We have installed a new touchless credit card machine (tap and go)
  • Guest Policy Suspended To help control the spread of Covid-19, guests WILL NOT be allowed in the club and we have suspended non-member programs
  •  It is likely that the Governor and Marlborough Board of Health (BOH) will limit the use of the club to a percentage of capacity at any given time. You may need to wait to enter the club. Please plan accordingly
  • Please bring all belongings with you upon entering and exiting the club. Items left behind will not be available for pick up
  • If you enter the club and forget something you may have to wait to come back in if there is a line waiting to enter the club
  • All participants will be required to reserve a space for all land and water exercise classes, tennis court time, indoor lap swimming, and outdoor social pool usage.  Reservations may be made through the front desk. We are looking into adding mobile and web-friendly app
  • All persons, including employees, members, and vendors should remain at least six feet apart to the greatest extent possible, both inside and outside the club. When you cannot a mask will be required
  • Personal hygiene will be strictly enforced including: remaining home if you are ill, vigilant hand washing and sanitizing, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, wearing your face covering and not touching your face, etc
  • The elevator use will be limited to one rider at a time
  • Coffee service and bar seating area will be eliminated at this time
  • Seating in the bar area has been removed
  • Water fountains in the buildings will not be available at this time. Please bring your own drinking water.  Water will be available for purchase through the vending machine.
  • Vending machines are cash only
  • Change will not be made at the front desk since it is now cash free


  • Utilizing EPA-registered disinfectant that kills the coronavirus
  • Staff training on cleaning protocols. As part of the coronavirus measures, they will pay extra attention to all contact surfaces
  • Housekeeping staff will provide regular sanitization of high touch common surfaces and areas, such as equipment, screens, workstations, doorknobs, elevator buttons, handles, restrooms, counter surfaces, etc., throughout the club, throughout the day


  • At this time, staff only will have their temperature checked with a no-touch thermometer upon arrival at the Club. Additionally, several questions will be asked to perform a health check
  • Facemasks will be required for all Wayside Athletic Club staff while working when social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Fitness instructors may remove their masks when teaching classes as long as social distancing can be maintained
  • Facemasks will be required for all members to enter the building
  • Facemasks are optional for working out but must be worn when social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Signs have been added throughout the facility to provide instruction and reminders of the State rules and CDC Guidelines


  • Please mindful of others health and safety by wearing a mask when you enter the fitness room
  • You may take it off when you reach your destination to workout
  • Please put it back on when moving about the fitness room when social distancing cannot be maintained
  • We have removed, relocated, or restricted access to several pieces of fitness equipment, including club furnishings to provide for appropriate social distancing
  • While the majority of equipment has remained in the club, some have been removed to make space. If you are unable to find a specific piece, please ask one of our trainers for a substitute workout – Dial extension 10 if you need assistance
  • We advise all members to disinfect equipment before using the equipment
  • Please do not lift weights that require a spotter
  • A new Senior Only workout room has been added for the safety of our active older adult members
  • Bring your own water bottle and towel from home
  • All members will be required to clean all surfaces touched after using any fitness equipment. Failure to do so can result in loss of club use


  • Please review our guidelines by clicking here
  • There will be pre-registration for each class to ensure social distancing can be maintained
  • You must pre-register for the following week classes by emailing
  • Please do this on Sunday of each week
  • A confirmation email will be sent the night before the scheduled class
  • Certain equipment will not be available in group exercise classes including yoga mats, blocks, and blankets. Please bring your own and take home when you are done
  • All members will be required to clean any surfaces touched after each class
  • Participants will need to remain in their designated “workout space” during each class.  Each space will be clearly defined with floor markings
  • Please limit the belongings you take into the studio to what you will be using during class
  • Class schedules will be available to view on our website or for download through your home computer


  • We are slowly rolling out our water exercise class schedule for both indoor and outdoor classes.
  • Space is limited for both indoor and outdoor classes
  • Click to view the schedule and pre-registration protocol


  • When Wayside can open we also hope to have limited racquetball based on USA Racquetball, CDC, WHO, State, and BOH rules and guidelines
  • As of this writing Wayside’s plan is to offer singles, family, and individual hitting only
  • We will not be providing any rental equipment, you must bring your own or purchase
  • When viewing, patrons must stay at least 6 feet apart and must be wearing a mask


  • Players will be expected to supply their own tennis balls, they are also available for purchase at the front desk
  • Teaching professionals will be responsible for sanitizing tennis balls after each instruction
  • Please see the USTA recommendations that we are asking all members to follow by clicking here
  • A magic marker will be available to allow each player to initial their tennis balls and players will be encouraged to only pick up their tennis balls
  • We will not be providing any rental equipment, you must bring your own or purchase
  • No more than 4 players on a court, including the sidelines. Benches have been removed and we ask that no one stands on the side to watch the match.
  • Only players should be on the courts.
  • Ball machine use is currently not allowed
  • When viewing tennis from the main lobby, members and visiting teams must stay at least 6 feet apart and must be wearing a mask.


  • Kids corner will initially remain closed during Wayside Athletic Clubs “phase 1” of reopening



  • Inflatables, noodles, balls are prohibited on the pool
  • Glass containers and alcohol are prohibited
  • Outside food delivery is prohibited
  • Bringing your own chair is prohibited


  • Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device that attaches to your body
  • Members may bring their own food from home to the outdoor pool area and are required to place any trash in the cans provided

 Outdoor Pool Thunder and Lightning Policy

  • If thunder and/or lightning is within 20 miles of the club, the outdoor pools will be closed for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder, as determined by the Aquatics Director.
  • Since the main club is closed during Phase 2 of reopening members will need to take your belongings and go to their cars if they choose to wait
  • The all-clear whistle will blow when you can return
  • Chairs will be disinfected prior to returning
  • When returning you will need to check back in
  • Delayed opening or closure will be posted on our homepage and social media pages


OUTDOOR POOL AREA (social swim only)

  • Due to Covid-19 and limited seating, guests are not allowed
  • Facemasks will be required outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained at the outdoor pool
  • Open seven days a week until September 27, 12-5 pm (weather permitting)
  • The last check-in is at 4:00 pm on weekends
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at the pool and playground
  • A cleansing shower is required before entering the pool by Massachusetts state law
  • The main club closes at 4 pm on weekends
  • Access to the club will not be allowed during this time as we will begin our sanitizing process
  • Exit the pool area via the gate from the far side of the building towards the parking lot
  • Please do not move chairs as they are in a specified area for group size
  • Due to limited seating, you cannot reserve a chair and leave the pool area and come back
  • The snack shack will be closed for the summer season
  • We have put cones on chairs to signify that they have been disinfected
  • Leave the cone off and flip the back of the chair all the way forward to signify that the chair needs to be disinfected
  • Please let the front desk staff know that you are leaving so that they can open that seating area up again
  • The outdoor pool is for social swimming only (no lap swimming)
  • The one lap lane will be for Deep End Tests Only (no lap swimming)
  • If thunder and/or lightning is within 20 miles of the club, the outdoor pools will be closed for a minimum of 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder, as determined by the Aquatics Director.
  • When returning you will need to check back in
  • Adult supervision is required for children using the playground area

INDOOR POOL AREA (lap swim only)

  • Lap lanes must be reserved through the front desk. (begins phase 3)
  • Facemasks are required when entering the indoor pool area
  • Lap swimming is for ages 14 and over
  • One person per lane
  • One hour max reservation is allowed 24 hours in advance
  • If you are more than five minutes late your lane will be forfeited if there is a waitlist
  • Place your facemask in a ziplock bag at the end of the pool while swimming
  • Put your facemask on when exiting the indoor pool
  • Follow the marked traffic pattern for entering and exiting
  • Weekdays the indoor pool is open 5:30 am – 7:30 pm
  • Weekends the indoor pool is open 7 am – 3:30 pm
  • A cleansing shower is required before entering the pool by Massachusetts state law
  • In the first stage of reopening we will not open the hot tub out of an abundance of caution and to ensure social distancing


  • At this time we have every sixth locker open for day use
  • All lower lockers will be locked
  • Lockers are for day use only
  • Locks left on lockers will be snipped and articles left will be disposed of
  • Lost and Found has been eliminated
  • Showers are for pre-swim only
  • The will sauna and steam rooms will remain closed until we are notified by the State and Local government agencies we can open them. 


  • All memberships will be reactivated on June 19
  • Prepaid memberships will receive time lost during our pause in operations added to the end of their membership agreement.
  • Our freeze policy going forward will be for medical reasons only
  • A doctor’s note will be required to freeze your membership
  • There is not a fee to freeze your membership due to medical reasons (Physicians note required)
  • An annual fee of $50 will be assessed every December 1st
  • The annual fee is used to invest in our programs, equipment, and facilities
  • Guest privileges have been suspended until further notice. (members only)

We know this is a lot to digest but please keep in mind this can change after posting these guidelines. Please be sure to stay updated with us via our website, all social media platforms, and provide us with an updated email address.

When you walk back into Wayside Athletic Club though things will look different, our staff will be there for you to answer any questions you have. We look forward to seeing you soon and being a part of our stronger community!

Be well, stay safe

Team Wayside

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