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On Wednesday, May 29th, Wayside joined more than 1,000 local organizations in all 50 states to celebrate the 26th annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day – the nation’s largest health promotion event for older adults.

Our goal at Wayside for Senior Day was to honor our members who have made exercise part of their daily lives, who find the joy in having fun, making new friends, and being that encouraging voice or friendly face when others need a gentle nudge to keep moving, to keep laughing, and most importantly to keep living well.

At Wayside, it our continuing objective to increase member awareness of the many benefits a regular exercise program can have and offer quality programming for all to enjoy.

 This year, Wayside honored Ginger Golden Ryan with the George Fortin Fit For Life Award, an award presented each year to an individual whose life long commitment to exercise and physical fitness has served as an inspiration to those whose lives they have touched.

Recognized posthumously for this award as well, was Sister Gaetana Cinchona  a dear friend and member of Wayside, who loved swimming regularly here.


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