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This challenge may be a proven program that is a fun, gentle, and competitive, but it’s not a walk in the park! It takes determination, motivation, meal prepping and planning. Congratulations to our 28 participants for completing the program and for losing 289 pounds together.

Huge congratulations goes to our top 3 winners who lost over 50 pounds and 23% body fat cumulatively!

1st place: Mike G. – 21.4 lbs, 8.6% bodyweight lost
2nd place: Patty G. – 19.6 lbs, 8.4% bodyweight lost
3rd place : Diane R. – 11.4 lbs, , 6.3% bodyweight lost 
All participants are ready to take on the holidays with their heads up high because they know how to fuel their bodies right! Want to join us on the next challenge? Mark your calendars – it’s scheduled to kick off on January 11th!
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