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Wallyball is a fast, dynamic and exciting sport played by both male and female players of all ages. It is a close relative of Volleyball and shares many rules, techniques, plays and features.

However there are some fundamental differences, the main one being that players are allowed to utilize the walls and ricochet the ball off the walls during the rally.

The object of Wallyball is for one team to beat the opposing team by scoring more points. Players do this by playing what is essentially a normal game of volleyball but on a racquetball court.

Wallyball is played with four, six or eight players. The equipment consists of a net and a ball supplied by Wayside. Scoring is similar to Volleyball. You can only score when serving. The game can be 15, 18 or 21 points. Teams must win by two points.

Membership is not required to schedule Wallyball at Wayside. We have 2 courts available for booking. If you are interested in putting teams together of 4, 6 or 8 players to try this fun game for 2 hours or start a league, please contact:

Marsha Hayward by email or call 508-263-9465


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