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Dear members,
After a long time away, we welcome you back to Wayside and to the Water Fitness Group Exercise program.
The benefits of regularly practiced water exercise are many. Water exercise not only can offer therapeutic relief from those suffering from injury and/or chronic pain but also provide total body conditioning and fat-burning benefits due to the water’s unique properties. Increased muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and flexibility are the primary results of using the water’s resistance in a variety of program formats and routines. The water’s buoyancy alleviates pressure on the joints and its hydrostatic properties can decrease swelling and blood pressure naturally – making this one of the safest and most effective exercise options available to all populations.
As we return to Wayside Water Fitness, your safety and well-being are of the utmost importance as we strive to provide the best work-out experience possible. For this aim, we ask those participating to carefully read the group water fitness guidelines before registering for classes by clicking here.
Per state guidelines, the use of any Wayside pool equipment is not permissible at this time. We understand this will affect deep water exercise in particular but are still happy to offer class options knowing how important this type of programming is to our members. For members wishing to participate in deep water group exercise classes, it is required that they bring their own appropriate flotation equipment (belts are highly recommended) – with no exceptions. Weakened cores and rusty body alignment from being out of practice will not only increase the risk of injury but also make for a sub-optimal class experience without flotation equipment. Shallow water programming does not require the use of flotation equipment unless those participating choose to move to the deep end of the pool for all or part of the class (situations like this will be limited, however).
We are excited to kick-off our highly anticipated return to Wayside Water Fitness beginning Monday, July 20th.
Please register by 5:00 pm, Sunday, July 19th, for the upcoming week. Interesting program formats that are fun, highly motivating, and provide ideal cross-training opportunities will be offered on our schedule. Please click here to view the new schedule. We will look forward to adding more classes in the weeks ahead.
See you in the pool!
Colleen Keelan
Director of Wayside Water Fitness
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