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Dear members, After a long time away, we welcome you back to Wayside and to the Water Fitness Group Exercise program. The benefits of regularly practiced water exercise are many. Water exercise not only can offer therapeutic relief from those suffering from injury and/or chronic pain but also provide total body conditioning and fat-burning benefits due to the water’s unique. Read More

To Our Valued Members, Staff and Guests, Today is day four of the club being closed due to Covid-19 and it feels like a lifetime to us. We hope that you all are taking the necessary steps to remain safe and healthy. These are challenging times and based on news reports, things are changing every hour. Our decision to close. Read More

To Our Valued Members, Staff and Guests, Unfortunately, recent events have compelled us to make the most difficult decision we have ever had to make. In consultation with our Team, members, and community leaders, we have decided Wayside Athletic Club will temporarily halt operations effective immediately, through Monday, April 6. As you know, the coronavirus epidemic has become a pandemic,. Read More

To Our Valued Members and Guests, We recognize the heightened concern and are doing everything we can to ensure the health of our members, staff and guests. Thank you for your continued support during this unprecedented time at the club. At this time, we have no confirmed or unconfirmed cases of COVID-19. We are confident our community will band together. Read More

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