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Happy 1st week of summer and tennis camp! We had a packed week of skills, games, and matches. Here are some favorite games and activities of the week. Coach Oliver’s group loved playing fruit salad! Each person got a fruit and faced the fence. When each person’s fruit was called they turned around and hit a volley. When fruit salad got called everyone ran to the fence and back.

Coach Ashleigh’s group rocked cone catch! The kids would have to hit the ball to the coach, but if the coach catches the ball in the cone, then the coach gets a point. If the coach doesn’t catch the ball, that is a point for the kids! The kids really ran the coach around and won 50-6 (they gave the coach 5 pity points and a hug for losing). Coach Cole’s group tested teamwork in speed racer where the kids have to hit five good balls. When five good balls are hit, SPEED RACER is yelled, and the kids have to run around the court and not let the pro hit them with a ball. If you get hit, you are froze​​n!! Do not worry because your friends can tag you back in. Either everyone crosses the finish line or no one does. It is a great game for consistency and teamwork! Coach Kevin had a hungry group of young yellow ball players take a major step in their singles game this week.  Whether it was hitting a perfect flip lob over the shoulder while running away from the net, taking a put away volley we had struggled with and really nailing it, or using our consistency and depth to work our way back into points, we saw a big increase in our confidence and results as the week went on. These kids are starting to look like tennis players…

Lastly, our Fridays are special here at Wayside Tennis Academy at CA.  This week our players joined the ranks of either Coach Ashleigh or Coach Oliver and competed for their team.  In professional tennis the national team competition is called Davis Cup, and we borrow that name to familiarize our campers with tennis history and incorporate the team spirit of the Davis Cup Competition. Heading into the final round of matchplay Coach Ashleigh’s team held a firm lead, but everyone competed hard till the last point and cheered their teammates on.


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