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Tennis Camp Week 2- hot and humid edition! Here are some of highlights of the week! Coach Matt’s group played a version of ‘attack and defend’, in which there are two teams, one at the net and one at the baseline.The kids played out a point and if the team at the baseline won, they would come up to the net and the other team would move back. If the net team won, they would get a point. We played until one team got 15 points. This game helps the kids practice their offense skills at the net as well as their defensive skills at the baseline.

Coach Alex’s group played Scoopers, it was a game where they played against me. We would play a normal rally, but you could touch the ball as many times as you want and can ‘scoop’ it up with your racket to keep the ball going. The point only stops when the ball lands out or it stops moving. They were able to work on their teamwork and communication, while still developing their rallying abilities. Their ability to work together as a team really allowed them to succeed in this game.

Coach Kevin’s group sharpened their match play skills and worked on playing aggressive tennis. It began with working on forehand approach shots to dominate the short court. Once we started using this play we found ourselves up at the net, in need of power and angles to finish the point. Everyone was enjoying their doubles, having great volley-to-volley rallys, and using good team work. We even had some light fun with a giant game of Fennis (fence tennis) to break up the competition. The heat was a challenge but the campers stepped up and put in a great effort!

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