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Here are some highlights and comments of the week! Coach Cole’s group started the week by working on our groundstrokes, placing them cross court and down the line. The campers were able to incorporate these improvements in the games. Coach Cole’s group played speed racer (A camper favorite) where they had to make a certain number of balls in the court, then they would run around the court as the coach tried to hit them with a ball. The coaches lost every time of course. Coach Cole’s group also did many games that used fitness such as cops and ninjas where the campers had to run from the evil instructors. Coach Cole’s group also played fishy fishy cross my ocean, capture the flag and many other that involved fitness.

Coach Max and Oliver had a lively group of both veterans and new faces, and it made for a great competitive group. Long rallies were breaking out all week and they had to stay on my toes to keep this group’s shots in the court! It was a hot week and we had to remember to take breaks and drink extra water, but this group had so much energy it seemed like they never broke a sweat. One specific area of improvement came in volley technique. It is easy for this group to use their athleticism to volley with a forehand, but it was very difficult to remain neutral and maintain our backhand volley preparation. Coach Max and Oliver’s group worked on our split step all week and made a big improvement in this area! Great job green-ballers!

Coach Kevin had a fantastic group of familiar faces, including a couple of tennis veterans who had been taking lessons from our group and Kevin specifically for a long, long time. This made some of our drills and strategy games more exciting since they were able to use their experience and tennis knowledge to play smart. Some members of Kevin’s group worked on adding offense to their game, as they noticed the firepower other members of the group possessed. Other members worked on consistency, trying to outlast the most grounded rallies in the group. The camp points on Friday were MILES ahead of the camp points on Monday, and even though it took some dedicates Squee-Gee work on Friday, everyone pursued their matchplay skills to the fullest all week.

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