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Each week, a trainer will post a Workout of the Week (WOW) on the board in the Fitness Center. Do it once, twice, or every day to get an awesome workout in without having to plan it yourself!


This week’s WOW is brought to you by Nathalie!


3-4 rounds, 10-12 reps for each exercise/each side

Tall Plank – step side to side

Step Ups (use 12″ or 18″ box) holding a db in each hand (R/L)

Deadlifts (use a kb)

Inverted Rows (TRX)

Goblet Squats (use a kb)

Med Ball Slams (slam the ball side to side)

Push Ups (or modified push-ups)


Inverted rows: Maintain a straight body alignment (shoulders, hips and ankles) leaning back and pulling up.

Deadlift: Make sure your back is straight (tall spine), that you’re pushing your hips back and that you unlock your knees (not straight).

Goblet squats: Keep kb close to your chest.

Don’t be afraid to PUSH yourself.

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