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The second to last week of camp (Week 7) was all about wearing our war paint for an intense Davis Cup battle.

The California Corgis (Team Kevin) versus The Kickapoo Kangaroos (Team Alesia).

The Corgis celebrated their win with some fist pumps, high fives, and popsicles.

Thankfully the Corgis were nice enough to share the popsicles with their fellow Kangaroos.


It is crazy how time flies when you are having fun. We lucked out with the weather everyday this final week of camp week except for Friday.

Some of the favorite drills from our 1:00 group were: Azkaban, Tap Rallying, gold mine (coaches versus kids- kids won) and King of the Court.

On Wednesday the whole camp tie dyed the All Seasons Tennis shirts with Hannah to make for a very colorful day last of camp on Friday.

On Friday our 3:30 group headed over to the indoor courts at Wayside while our 1:00 group headed over to Concord Academy indoors.

We stayed with our camp tradition of Davis Cup Friday even though our camp was separated on the last day of camp. Team Kevin took the last win of the summer!

We have had a blast this summer with all of our new campers and our returning campers. We look forward to next summer and hope to see some more familiar faces!

Till next summer- Hannah and the ASTA staff

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