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We’re 1 week into the fall fitness schedule, what do you think? We are proud to offer over 70 GroupEx classes weekly including cycle, water fitness, yoga, Zumba, Boxing, Boot Camp, LES MILLS™ BODYPUMP™, LES MILLS™ GRIT™, Yogalates, Step, Pilates and SO MUCH MORE!

We love this article on the many benefits of Group Exercise Classes!

  1. Accountability: Half the battle is just getting yourself TO the gym. You should look at our class schedule and add classes you want to attend to your iCal. And, plan to meet a friend. That should get you there for sure!
  2. Motivation: When you’re working on on your own it’s easy to let your mind wander, slowing your workout down. In a GroupEx class, the instructor and your peers are pushing you to give your all the entire class.
  3. Personalized Coaching: Instructors are trained to lead the class but to also pay attention to every attendee in class. Have a limitation from an injury? Pregnant and need modifications? Your instructor is equipped to help!
  4. Structure: Similar to point 1: you’re more likely to coming to the club FOR a class especially when you aren’t in the mood to workout. Find a class you love? I bet you’re even more likely to show up!
  5. Join a Community: Wayside Athletic Club IS a community of members. Everyone is friends, and that’s how we like it! Chances are you’ll find a friend (or make one) in your next GroupEx class.
  6. Variety: With over 70 classes offered weekly, you never have to attend the same class twice! But if you find a class you really love, I bet you’ll go over and over.
  7. Fun: Fitness SHOULD be fun. Classes are booming with awesome beats, a motivating instructor, friends and a killer workout. That’s what it’s all about! Find a class you love and you’ll never want to miss it.

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