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Each week, a trainer will post a Workout of the Week (WOW) on the board in the Fitness Center. Do it once, twice, or every day to get an awesome workout in without having to plan it yourself! 


This week’s WOW is brought to you by Dina!


5 Rounds For Time:

– 15 Push ups

– 200m Row or 12cal Assault Bike

– 20 Goblet Squats

– 200m Row or 12cal Assault Bike

– 20 Deadlifts (Kettlebell or Barbell)

– 200m Row or 12cal Assault Bike

Modification options:

1.  Push-ups – Reduce reps to a personably manageable number and/or perform on an elevated surface (elevated bar, box, bench)

2. Complete 3 Rounds

3. Set a time cap of 20-30min and perform as many rounds as possible.

** Pick weights and movement modifications that allow you to complete all reps in 1-2 sets, while maintaining good form.

Don’t be afraid to push yourself.  This workout should be challenging, but doable! 

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