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Wayside Athletic Club, a fixture in Metro West for nearly forty years, announced that they purchased Impact Functional & Sports Training of Sudbury.   The acquisition, which was completed earlier this year, immediately enhanced the design and equipment of Wayside’s fitness floor, expanded their personal training department with a team of nationally certified trainers, and integrated Impact’s innovative fitness programs into Wayside’s calendar including the “28 Day Challenge,” which has been highly received with outstanding results.

Forty-five participants took part in the first “28 Day Challenge,” cumulatively losing over 480 pounds and 270 inches.  The program provided the support each participant needed to quickly lose ten or more pounds safely and effectively and to stay on track after the Challenge.  The second Challenge is currently in process with a 3rd scheduled to begin on January 11th.  To learn more about the “28 Day Challenge,” visit

“We are absolutely thrilled with the positive effect Impact has had on our club in such a short period of time,” commented Brian Lynch, Director of Member Experience, Wayside Athletic Club.  He added, “The new, multi-purpose equipment coupled with great trainers and programs as well as the improved lay-out of our fitness center provides greater flexibility for all of our members to build their own blueprint for maximizing their body’s performance.”

The wide-array of state-of-the-art equipment that has been added to the Wayside Athletic Club includes:

  • Cycle Studio:  Wayside’s expanded Cycle Studio with LED lights and new sound system, now has thirty bikes.  The Studio now offers virtual rides which will immerse you in a true real ride experience that will help you stay more focused, resulting in a more challenging, stimulating, and satisfying workout. Virtual rides feature a large projected video that allows you to experience a mixture of trails, paved & dirt roads along some of the most stunning scenery in North America.
  • Force Treadmill/Esspresso Bike:   The Force is a manual, stationary, sport loading platform designed specifically for speed, acceleration, and athletic performance training.  With an electro-magnetic braking system built in, this performance treadmill is designed to increase resistance and push athletes to their limits.  The Esspresso Bike combines virtual reality and fun competitive programming and is a powerful motivator for people of all fitness levels.
  • MoveStrong Functional Training Station:  This multi-purpose rig creates a truly unique functional fitness training environment for users of all ages and is ideal for group workouts or with trainers, or simply to provide Wayside’s members with the most up to date functional training tools available.

In addition, the latest in free weights, kettlebells, and power blocks have been added as well as two turf areas including TRX/Wall Stations to maximize members’ workout capabilities.

“We have seamlessly blended Impact’s well established personal training, group exercise, and cycling methodologies into all of our programs to truly enhance our members’ experience,” commented Jeanine Ruffing, GroupEx Director.  She added, “Our ability to add semi-private personal training, sport performance, and specialty fitness classes provides camaraderie of a group environment or an individualized strength and conditioning program that is tailored to a member’s unique needs, sports, and goals.”

Tours and equipment demonstrations are welcome by appointment.  Please visit our website to learn more about membership options.

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