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Small Group Training has been gaining popularity because it’s an affordable, fun way for clients to take advantage of a nationally certified trainer’s expertise at a lower financial investment — all while keeping the fun and competitiveness of a small group dynamic.

SGT classes are intentionally small – usually no more than 8 participants, which enables the trainer to give individualized attention and encourage progression and skill development.


What differentiates Small Group Training sessions from Group Exercise classes?

  • Smaller group ratios (3-8 participants)
  • Led by nationally certified trainers
  • More individualized/personal coaching
  • Different training room, area, environment
  • Specialized equipment not available in Group Exercise (kettlebells, TRX, etc.)
  • Style of training not available in Group Exercise (coaching to individual needs)
  • Higher intensity, pushing you to your limits

Check out our Small Group Training (SGT) offerings and try today – YOUR FIRST CLASS IS ON US!

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