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Tag: Fitness

March 3rd was an amazing day at Wayside Athletic Club. Upstairs in the cycle studio, 26 riders participated in the 2019 Pedal to End Cancer. Together, these 26 riders raised over $13,200 for the American Cancer Society! Over the past 15 years, Wayside Athletic Club has raised over $273,000 through this event!  Senior Manager for the American Cancer Society, Staci. Read More

March 4th was an amazing day at Wayside Athletic Club.  For some it was a regular Sunday, but upstairs in the cycle studio, 33 riders participated in the 2018 Pedal to End Cancer. Together, these 33 riders raised $22,570.77 for the American Cancer Society!  Over the past 14 years, Wayside Athletic club has raised over $255,000 through this event!   Community. Read More

Did you know that Wayside offers training programs all year round for ages 10+? Check out these springs programs, sign up and get started on a healthier, stronger YOU! Athletic Performance Academy (ages 10–15) Training Fees: 1-day: $100 (member)  |  $150 (public) 2-days: $180 (member)  |  $240 (public) Can’t commit? Drop ins are always welcome! Drop-in fee: $30 SESSION: May. Read More

It’s technically Spring, even though it doesn’t quite feel like it yet. Tulips started peeking through by the entrance of the club so we’re hoping the weather warms up so we can see them in full bloom. Otherwise, the outdoor pool may open with snow still on the ground! Counting down the days til Summer 2017!   As always, Wayside is. Read More

Good question! Read below to get the answer from Wayside’s Personal Training Director, Paula Lambert. Many people go to the gym to “work out;” the typical scenario is that they do the same routine that they have been doing for the past 5+ years. This usually consists of a handful of exercises that they enjoy doing or occasionally incorporating a. Read More

It’s a new year–the perfect time to add some variety to your workout and try something new. Reasons to Try a Group Exercise Class 1. Social Fitness Participating in a sport or aerobics class will introduce you to new people that share a common interest.  These new relationships will help develop a support network where you can encourage each other.  The. Read More

If you like to workout early (5:30 AM–9:30AM), you most likely know me. If not, I’m Bernie Tesmer, a Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), a Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts, and I hold a variety of certificates in training and fitness. Here I am receiving my Black Belt. Pictured with Greg Riddle (3rd degree black belt) and Ginger (2nd. Read More

During personal training and/or nutrition coaching sessions, questions such as what are the latest diet fads,  or are there any good diet products available. Most people are looking for the simple answers to getting to a healthier state of being.  We all crave the next new gadget, television series, or a new book. And while nutrition science is always evolving,. Read More

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